We Make It Stands Out


APT’s Wayfinder is a tried and tested interactive wayfinding solution. Daily practical uses include multi-floor / multi-building turn by turn directions, event integration with wayfinding, dynamic pop-ups with final destination images, videos and more!

The ONLY wayfinding solution that gives you complete control of your property floor plans, rooms, and paths. Our unique re-routing, pathway scheduling, and preferred routes allow your displays to navigate meetings, events, and promotions in a live and dynamic way. Edit turn-by-turn routes on-the-fly and create up-to-date Pathway rules for your guests’ routes. Never need to constantly rely on content support or updated development costs from the vendor, Aptech provides it natively in a user-friendly instinctive solution.

The backbone of digital wayfinding is presenting complex information in a clear and simple way. Aptech has applied this principle to all of its products - its user-centred software is the perfect example. Customers can find the information they need with minimal interaction and only relevant detail included. Your branding shines through in the beautifully designed interface and the intuitive maps will ensure any user can understand instructions. Aptech’s Wayfinder application includes a bundle of ever-expanding features, maximising the impact of your solution.


  • Intelligent built-in wayfinding algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • Increase route updating efficiency with quick-click path disabling, one way, or preferred scheduled routing
  • Natively integrate preferred routing, wheelchair accessibility, and detours with travel times, and traveling distances