Afontane Group


Video Wall

Video wall for Afontane Group


For Afontane Group, the band, DPM (Dr. Pillow & Mattress) would think that the group’s new store in Guang Zhou (GZ) would be all about the moving image and the bedding video. But it’s Afontane Group, the brand, too, and that called for a unique venue that would please all the senses and create a memorable shopping experience for customers. That experience comes through in both the Pillow Zone and the Mattress area, where ultra-large video walls which deliver some of the brightest and clearest images to be found on the GZ. “We’ve found that once customers see either video wall and experience the full effect, all they can say is wow,” said from IT Manager of Afontane Group, which selected Aptech’s video wall for the new store.

Aptech’s video wall solution, it can be fit for competitive retail environment, “We knew video was essential for this space and that it had to work flawlessly 24/7,” says Project Manager of Aptech. “Having done a number of projects where we specified Aptech’s technology, we knew it would be a rock-solid performer for this store. It is a commercial-grade solution with a 50,000-hour life cycle, and is engineered with unique features that make service a snap if it’s ever required.”

Specification & Features
• 47"/55" Full HD 1920 x 1080 display resolution
• f450 or 600 nits of brightness with 4,000:1 contrast ratio
• Sleek tempered glass faceplate
• Versatile video inputs (HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, USB)
• Internal VESAR compliant mounting and power supply for adding media players
• Compatible with the remote media player, Includes Signage Manager, Express software