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What are Digital Signage Interactive Games?

Digital Signage Games are games running on a digital signage system. The games typically run on large screens seen in retail outlets, events, subway stations, waiting areas, lobbies and more public areas.

Consumers are very savvy and quick to ignore screens. How do we engage them, when there's so much content out there? Delivering small, lightweight and highly engaging experiences make the most sense, given the short time frames that consumers have, when passing by these screens. With the explosive growth of outdoor advertising, digital signage games are every marketer's dream. Combined with our in-house HTML5 technology, the games can be developed very quickly and distributed to consumers instantly.


We use HTML5 technology to build these games for you. They are highly optimized and run really well on digital signage devices. We have games that are optimized to run on either portrait or landscape based screens.

We've done work for the Scala Digital Signage software, as well as custom digital signage devices that support HTML5 technology. We're also able to port our HTML5 technology into Android compatible digital signage systems.