Interactive Standing Kiosk


The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), has deployed a digital interactive Kiosk supported by APTech to support wayfinding in university campus. HKBU, which has already completed digital signage revamped projects covering a gross area exceeding 1 million square meters, is using APTech digital signage software to make interactive navigation available in campus located in Kowloon Tong. The wayfinding solution allows visitors to interact with the screen. The kiosks offer content that includes a map, today’s event list, advertising and site news.

The network in the campus made up of 10 full HD interactive kiosks, connected to its own individual digital signage player. HKBU centrally manages the interactive digital signage wayfinding solution. Content is either uploaded manually through the APTech Content Manager interface or automatically downloaded from various websites. HKBU website database is connected to the network. In addition, the team at HKBU uses APTech Designer to add banners or scripts to the content appearing onscreen. HKBU expects to double the size of its digital Kiosk network with the opening of new locations. It says APTech technology was chosen primarily for its usability and that the installation has been successful.