We Make It Stands Out

LED Billboards (Indoor/Outdoor)

Aptech Digital is a market leader in the design, production and installation of large format LED digital billboards. We are the company behind the design, building and installation of almost 20% of all LED billboards in Hong Kong.

We designed, manufactured and installed the largest digital roadside sign in Hong Kong, and can produce any type of LED display for any purpose - at any size.

With people increasingly spending more time away from their homes, it's no surprise that LED billboards and other digital out-of-home (DOOH) signage continues to grow strongly.

This type of signage is ideal for roadside, retail, food and hospitality, property, automotive, stadium and other corporate/institutional applications.

Statistical Success Stories

Aptech Digital is set to install over 500 m2 of new digital signage this year alone, and our large format billboards are enabling our customers to educate, engage and convert travelling consumers like never before. Our high impact screens draw over 0.5 million views a week.

Content can be programmed to react instantly to changing conditions - breaking news, weather, traffic flow, etc. Our advanced displays incorporate the latest measurement technologies.

We also offer new technology for illuminated LED shop fascia signage. They can be custom-made to any size, with pixel pitches from P4mm. Indoor LED displays are additionally available for retailers, control rooms, transport hubs, nightclubs and corporate entertainment/events.

LED outdoor displays have pixel pitches between P4 and P25mm, while indoor LED displays have pixel pitches from P0.9mm to P6mm.