Digital Signage,

A complex digital screen and signage solution with wayfinder functions

International Commerce Centre

The tallest building in Hong Kong - International Commerce Centre (ICC), appointed Aptech to deliver a complex digital screen and signage solution with wayfinder functions.

With this prime location and neighboring competitors, ICC looked to Aptech for something unique. The solution had to allow management of digital content across multiple devices and screens of different sizes. This included digital directional signage, touchscreen wayfinding and multiple digital screens throughout the building.

Aptech developed a total solution that manages all devices and content on one platform, allowing ICC's marketing team to change its digital media content, messaging and directions in one place via a Web-based content management system.

The signage plinths within the centre are all digital, allowing Aptech's management team to dynamically change the listings and play media on the screens. The possibilities are now limitless when it comes to the contextual messaging it can provide to visitors throughout the building.

As the centre has a heritage listing, Aptech is required to provide visitors with information about the historic relevance of the site. Aptech developed a high-definition video wall comprising of scanned archival photos and footage so that visitors can see a comprehensive visual history of the site.