Optical 88


Digital Signage

In-store customer experience, new digital signage strategy!

Optical 88

Optical 88, was looking to enhance its in-store experience by integrating digital signage into its strategy. But before making the jump, Optical 88 wanted to be sure that they were getting a bang for their buck, and looked to Aptech for a solution.

In this project, we found when shown a specific glass on screen, the glass sold out quickly, when prior to that sales had been below average. After better aligning digital content and increasing frequency of specific brand glasses ads, Aptech and Optical 88 ran a second iteration at the pilot store as well as at a second store in Hong Kong. Shortly after, specific brand glasses showed a positive lift of about 30%. The sales also increased, and it was found that after seeing a specific digital ad, customers who sought out that specific item often purchased it on the spot.

By leveraging analytics to improve results for Optical 88, Aptech helped to drive their sales results with digital media. Overall, it was found that displaying relevant messages at a sufficient frequency creates a positive in-store experience that helps achieve sales results.

Panel Size: 55” Industrial Grade Panel, Digital Kiosk
Software control: Central Content Management
Stand: Fixed Stand
Power: Auto On/Off