Digital Signage

All-in-one digital signage solution


POSITANO, located in Discovery Bay, developed by HKR International Ltd., recently deploy digital signage display in all buildings and club houses. They act as a working 24/7 concierge service, engaging users, while providing latest notice, property map, weather information, event listings and amenities.

• Enhance the guest experience
• Match the brand identity
• Showcase the property’s amenities
• Offer wayfinding and mapping to help guide guests and visitors
• Keep guests and visitors constantly engaged and informed

POSITANO is a very large and elegant beachfront property. They needed a system that helped guide, inform and engage the many visitors to the property. To overcome these challenges, POSITANO staff worked closely with Aptech’s designers and helped produce optimal results for their luxurious property. The outcome of this collaboration was two side-by-side concierge boards that offer directions, property maps, event listings, amenities, food and beverage information, advertisements, local attractions. In addition to these four displays, the total project included: 47-inch display boards, four 55-inch directory boards, and one 1x2 video wall, and all worked simultaneously as one system to provide solutions to all users.

This project was very well received by staff, management users and guests. Aptech’s digital signage solution fulfilled all objectives of POSITANO listed above.