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Smart Queuing Management System For Restaurants

Wellcore Restaurant Group

Our Smart Queuing Management System provides efficient and effective queuing process for customers and also to enhance the productivity in terms of achieving the organizational objectives at minimizing operational cost. For instance, the F&B queue system replace staff for taking order from customers, coordination and monitoring of the availability of the table.

At the touch screen kiosk, the customer selects the number of pax so as to receive a queue number ticket in which SMS would be sent to the customer’s mobile phone when his turn to be served is near. In the event the table is available, the restaurant manager calls for the particular queue number. The restaurant manager directs the customers to the available table.

Besides, our F&B queue system provides statistical reports which reflect the level of productivity in terms of customer waiting time, time spent on F&B, number of customers and other information pertaining to customer satisfaction.

System Requirements
• Self-service queue terminal with touchscreen and thermal printer
• Large calling number display
• Controlling system
• Easy queue management
• Real-time queue status display
• Automatic queue notification and queue status checking
• Store queue data analysis