Innovative curved LED display

DG Lifestyle Store @Citygate

DG, the largest Apple reseller chain store in Hong Kong, we have helped DG to deploy an innovative curved LED display for their new shop in Tung Chung. As the development of the LED display technology, the display shape is changing greatly, Curve LED Display is one of them. Its biggest advantage is to enlarge the viewing angle, which makes it be very suitable to install at the crossroads and building corner.

The greatest difficulty of it is how to make sure no gap between modules and cabinets. By making full usage of the draft angle on every module and the curve design for the cabinets, we made the whole curve display be a perfect unit, smooth and beautiful.

Specifications and Advantage
• Mainly be used for indoor and outdoor advertising, and outdoor wall decoration
• Optional of Convex Shaped, Concave Shaped and Wave Shaped screens etc
• Curve degrees can be adjusted accordingly to different requests of architectural design
• Narrow gap between modules contributes to clear image and smooth transition between modules without interval
• Good performance in color uniformity, large view angle, high brightness, low fault rate and easy for maintaining